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Politics (6)

DILI : The Opposition Fretilin Party has attacked the government for inciting a fuel monopoly with the cancellation of SACOM’ Energia’s fuel and management contract for the Hera electricity station, one of the nation’s major fuel distributors.
DILI: Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak has moved to try to ease concern about his cabinet vacancies by insisting his government is working effectively and can be trusted to implement the 2019 general state budget and annual action plan.
DILI : Timor-Leste’s lead conflict prevention organisation has commended a “peaceful” election campaign, dismissing accusations of political parties stirring unrest to gain support. Maria Marilia da Costa, the Director of Belun, said civil society groups overseeing the campaign trail were supportive of current conduct.
DILI: The Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri said that to overcome this political situation must have an early election.
DILI: The head of the veterans for Timor-Leste’s Defense Force (FFDTL), speaking publicly on Monday about the growing political instability opposition parties demands to over rule the new government has created, said his members stood behind Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri’s new government.
DILI: The Second Commander of national police has warned political parties they will be held responsible for the cleanup of campaign advertising at the close of the 22 July parliamentary election.

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