Amid Specialist Doctor Shortfall, Dili National Hospital seeks Training from Jakarta Featured

By Adelaide dos Santos October 19, 2023 235

DILI: Even as more Timorese graduate with medical qualifications, the number of doctors and surgeons trained to provide specialised treatment is limited – but the director of the country’s national hospital in Dili seeks to change this.

A specialist medical team from Silioam Hospital in Jakarta say they have shared treatment knowledge with Timorese medical specialists, amid a rise in serious heart disease and cancer patients from Timor-Leste seeking treatment abroad.

Launched in recent years, the ‘friendship’ support program between Guido Valadares National Hospital (HNGV) and Silioam Hospital will train specialist doctors and medical students from the national hospital regularly in oncology and coronary heart disease treatment – including coronary heart surgery - according to interviews with Independente.

In its first visit to HNGV, the medical team from Silioam Hospital monitored post-operation support of patients they treated in Jakarta now at HNGV.

“Our presence here is to strengthen the cooperation between Silioam Hospital Jakarta and Guido Valadares National Hospital to support health of patients,” said Rich Suhardhi, the head of the specialist medical team from Jakarta.

Timor-Leste lacks experienced medical oncologists and heart surgeons. The majority of patients referred by doctors at HNGV to hospitals in Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia require treatment for serious heart disease and cancer.

The Silioam Hospital and HNGV Hospital ‘friendship ‘training program is supported by Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health.

"The specialist medical team were motivated to share their knowledge and experience with our Timorese medical specialist team to best care for patients,” said Marcelino Correia, Director of HNGV.

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