HIV Diagnosis Increases in Pregnant Mothers from Timor-Leste’s Rural Areas: Ministry of Health Featured

By Team INDEPENDENTE October 11, 2023 261

DILI: Despite some progress, many Timorese are not preventing themselves from passing on or being transmitted the HIV virus, the Ministry of Health said on Friday.

Between January to June this year, 15 pregnant Timorese women have tested positive to HIV virus, Bernardino da Crus the Head of Timor-Leste’s HIV/Aids Program at Ministry of Health told the Independente.

HIV can progress to AIDS if left untreated.

"During six months we have registered 15 pregnant mothers positive HIV/AIDS where the mentioned number were identified by professional Health Staff at health facilities in health administrative posts across the country,” said Cruz.

While less than 0.2 percent of Timor-Leste’ adult population is reported HIV-positive, the number of confirmed infections has increased since the virus was first detected in 2001.

According to available data, some 1500 people receive treatment for HIV/AIDs in Timor-Leste.

In remote areas, access to HIV prevention programs is limited.

Daniel Marchal, the President of Timor-Leste’s HIV/AIDs program, said prevention education must be prioritised across Timor-Leste so people are aware of how transmission takes place.

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