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DILI: Health experts working to combat HIV/Aids in Timor-Leste say they must continue to step-up public awareness and prevention campaigns as case numbers skyrocket across the Asia Pacific region.


DILI – The stop in Dili was not planned, writes New Zealand adventurer Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson on his Facebook site on Saturday. “But it was critical.”


DILI: Timor-Leste’s national police have installed 75 video surveillance cameras across the capital city in a new push to improve peace and safety for citizens.


DILI: Secondary school teachers concerned about rise of pornography accessed by students have banned the use of smart phones during school hours.


DILI: Roadside market sellers at Taibesi market will be forced to move, amid a police crackdown on a prostitution ring allegedly operating from within the popular city market. 


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